Vocational study abroad in Germany is a dual study abroad program with many professions in nursing, restaurant – hotel, electrician, mechanic,… In particular, Vocational study abroad in Germany has the German Degree Conversion system which is a withdrawal program. shorten the study time from 6 – 18 months while studying and working (depending on the student’s level and the regulations of each contracting unit) and increase the possibility of having an official income sooner than regular vocational training abroad in Germany. Applicable to students who have earned an Intermediate or College degree of 24 months or more. So if you have graduated from Intermediate School, College, University, etc., is it appropriate to follow the German Degree Conversion program?

Suitable subjects Convert German degrees

  • Graduated from College or Intermediate School of 24 months or more in Vietnam.
  • Age range from 20 – 35 years old. Gender: Male, female. The fact is that German does not require age, but younger ages will find it easier to learnand comprehend a new language.
  • Have good health, free from infectious diseases and hepatitis B
  • Achieve the minimum German level in Vietnam of A2 or B1
  • No criminal record

German degree conversion is an ideal program

Compared to Vocational Study Abroad in Germany, which lasts from 2 – 3.5 years while studying and working (depending on the profession), the Program has many advantages in terms of time and opportunity to settle down sooner.

Advantages of the degree conversion program

  • 100% tuition exemption during the degree conversion period
  • Support from 1,200 – 1,800 Euro/month during the study period. This cost is not significant but helps you pay for food and accommodation while working
  • Starting salary is around 2,500 EURO/month after graduation. This salary depends on each profession you choose.
  • Have the opportunity to settle in Germany permanently and freely travel to 26 Schengen countries without needing a Visa.

Popular professions that convert degrees

There are many occupations that Germany prioritizes for selection because of the serious labor shortage, one of the “hottest” occupations today is:

  • Nursing, traditional medicine
  • Chef, food processor, restaurant server
  • Construction workers (interior finishing, home repair,…)
  • Electrician, mechatronics, mechanic, shopkeeper, delivery driver

Comparison between two programs: Vocational study abroad in Germany and German degree conversion

What is the difference between studying abroad in Germany and converting a German degree? Let’s look at the following table!

Degree Conversion Pathway in Germany

To be able to convert to a German degree, you should learn about the route so you can prepare while in Vietnam. Includes the following steps:

  1. Step 1: Take the entrance test and learn German
  2. Step 2: Learn German from A0 – B1, usually the time to study until B1 continuously lasts from 8 months – 1 year (depending on the profession that requires specific qualifications)
  3. Step 3: Find businesses and interview to get a vocational training and working contract
  4. Step 4: Have a B1 German certificate
  5. Step 5: Complete exit documents to fly to Germany

You should choose Viet Phat to follow the German Degree Conversion program

TELC German Language Training Center was established by Viet Phat in 2023. Thanks to the trust of partners (German and Vietnamese foreign partners), parents and students, TELC continuously opens German classes at levels from A1 to B1. A unit with leading experience in the field of international standard German language training and bringing Vietnamese students to Germany to study and work in the Federal Republic of Germany. With the motto “Cultivate the dream – Create a far-reaching future”, TELC center always strives to accompany the Vietnamese working generation throughout the journey from Vietnam to Germany, until the transition period. in Germany. To create a brighter future for Vietnamese young people.

Main services of TELC Center

  • Training and teaching students who want to learn German to study abroad.
  • Full package of studying abroad in Germany (consulting, training and preparing for vocational study abroad/German degree conversion… for students).

Teachers and learning programs at TELC German language center are an advantage

Viet Phat with the motto of being learner-centered and highly specialized in the field of education, TELC center also promotes quality, improves the effectiveness of learning German and ensures maximum planning. Study abroad for students. At TELC, students are designed with an optimal learning program to help them both have good communication skills and achieve high scores in A2/B1 exams. From teachers, methodical curriculum, to modern facilities, maximum assurance for students:

  • 100% of the teaching staff of TELC German Language Training Center have pedagogical qualifications in the German language and have studied or worked in Germany. With a team of young, enthusiastic teachers, students are cared for inside and outside of class. In addition to language lessons, students are given the opportunity to explore German culture, society, and people, share career orientation, and practice good qualities such as hard work and effort. students, to serve as a “stepping stone” to prepare for the path of vocational study abroad in Germany. At TELC, what will you receive?
  • International standard curriculum, optimally designed for student levels, closely following content related to the German exam. Shorten the learning curve as much as possible.
  • Modern facilities: Self-study library with diverse learning materials.
  • There are dormitories for students living far away at an economical cost.


TELC German Language Training Center

Give wings to the German dream!

Address: No. 42 – 43, Lot D10, Area D – Geleximco Urban Area, Le Trong Tan Street, Ha Dong, Hanoi

Hotline: 0375 38 8228

Website: https://telchanoi.vn/ 

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