Polish labor export is a great job opportunity that does not require experience to have the best income in hand and support your family. Food delivery is a popular job in Vietnam, but Poland is There is a shortage and a need for a large export labor force. Grab a “good salary” with a Polish recruitment application with an income of up to $1400/month (excluding overtime) from Viet Phat right away.

Detailed recruitment information for labor occupations in Poland

Occupation for visa application Food delivery
Company name: Notification after elect Workplace: Warsaw and neighboring cities
Work content: Food delivery
Number of recruitment: 40 men Number of participants in the exam:



Age: 20-50 years old
Height: ……..cm                                                   Weight:…………kg
Balanced body shape, good health, no tuberculosis or infectious diseases
Hardworking, agile, sociable, serious at work
Good character, no criminal record, never traveled illegally in Europe
Academic level: Not required
Work experience: Have at least 1 year of work experience
Examination format: Review file

Working conditions and attractive income in Poland

Working conditions and salary






Working conditions

Working time 40 hours/week; 5 days/week
Contract term 2 years (with extension), 30-day probationary period
Holidays 10-12 paid days per year depending on whether the holiday falls on a weekday or not according to Polish Labor Law
Paid leave 20-30 days/year with salary depending on the employee’s age according to Polish Labor Law
Food No support
Accommodation The company provides it for free
vehicles The company provides it for free
Insurance Paid by the Company
Airline tickets Outward airfare is paid by the Employee. Return airfare will be provided by the Company after completing the labor contract.

Monthly income

Wage 1.000 ~ 1.400 USD
Salary payment No later than the 10th of the following month
Overtime According to Polish Labor Law


Commit to working overtime according to work requirements and progress
Learn orientation before leaving the country
Learn basic English before leaving the country
You should choose Viet Phat to follow the Polish labor export program
Viet Phat Human Resources Development Joint Stock Company (Viet Phat JSC) was established in 2013, proud to be a pioneer in the field of training and supplying high-quality human resources for the international market. With 3 professional training facilities in Ninh Binh and Hanoi and a system of representative offices nationwide, Viet Phat focuses on activities in the fields of:
– Foreign languages ​​training
– Labor export consulting, vocational study abroad consulting in Japan, Korea, Germany and other European countries such as Poland, Rumania, Switzerland, Switzerland, Hungary, Slovakia
– Consulting on tourism combined with medical examination and treatment in Japan
With constant efforts, Viet Phat has brought many job opportunities to Vietnamese workers with 1,483 interns trained and successfully exited the country, 100% of study abroad applications passed Japanese visas.


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